What drives us?

We are driven by the belief that the rapprochement between the public and private sectors can offer more to the population. More quality public services, more manicured green areas, and more socioeconomic development.
We see in the parks – natural and urban – spaces with an enormous potential to be the scenario of this partnership. They are the guardians of an environmental, cultural and historical heritage which, in most cases, are still distant from the Brazilians.

How are we going to
get there?

With this perspective on the horizon, we seek to encourage innovation in the parks' management, bringing to them the modernity and the agility of the private sector and, at the same time, preserving and strengthening the strategic role of governments in the formulation of public policies applied to these spaces.
For this, we work with the government offering knowledge, technical support and promoting dialogue that results in partnerships.

Our reason to be is to work so that Brazil turns its natural parks into points of pride for all Brazilians and so that the country has citizens increasingly engaged in the defense of natural, cultural, historical and archaeological wealth, protected by this unmatched estate.

We believe that this dream, necessarily, goes through the modernization and innovation of public management models and the essential participation of civil society. The lack of resources, infrastructure, and visitors, added to the federation's tax situation and the challenges imposed by the legal system of the public sector, generate difficulties for governments to make the proper administration of these spaces.

For Semeia, partnerships between public and private sectors, adopting innovative management models, are a way to overcome the challenges in the parks. It is essential, however, that such partnerships are made ethically, transparent, efficient and democratic. These are crucial pillars to our way of acting and whose importance have an even greater emphasis on the current scenario of the country.

We operate fostering partnerships between the public and private sectors, as well as the generation and dissemination of knowledge. Throughout our history, we developed studies seeking to understand the reality of the parks in Brazil and in the world; brought to the debate the view of the managers of those spaces and the people who live the day-to-day of protected areas and support the education and training of professionals and public managers. In this way, our main challenge has been to show the public and private sectors the immense economic potential that we have in front of us if we work together, in an innovative way, breaking the old paradigms that do not fit in a country that has an obligation to turn their comparative advantages into competitive advantages.

In 2016, with a new executive board, we opened the doors for another phase of Semeia, in which we direct our actions to a more structured and strategic level in order to unlock bottlenecks and help in the construction of market induction mechanisms. We gave an even greater focus to forming partnerships between the public and private sectors. We approach the citizens, including the urban parks in our scope of practice, and reinforce the role of Semeia as a think tank generator and diffuser of knowledge and solutions to the management challenge.

We continue working for a future in which the parks widely serve Brazilians, promoting the health, welfare, education, scientific research, tourism, and leisure. We are blessed by the richest and most beautiful natural heritage on the planet. Let's get to work: this is our invitation to you.

The Advisory Board and the
Executive Director Fernando Pieroni


We believe that public-private partnerships are the best way for Brazilians have access to well-maintained parks that are ready to receive visitors.

We support projects of federal, state and municipal governments, always with the aim to promote initiatives that facilitate the implementation of good services to the population and, at the same time, are attractive to investors.

Our work is focused on projects applied to parks, offering a specialized look to governments about the challenges and solutions for the sector. Part of our work is also to engage with potential investors and assist in the viability of resources or in the hiring of consultants for the project's development.
Semeia does not receive public funds.
Our work is donated to governments.

Rio de Janeiro

The Project

The government of Rio de Janeiro's initiative to implement a public-private partnership aims to enhance the experience of visiting for the different types of users, maximizing the conservation of the Ilha Grande State Park. In 2016, the Procedure of Expression of Interest (PMI) was published, which received the registration of a company interested in sending studies relating to the proposal.

Our role

Semeia has supported the viability of resources through environmental compensation claims and the hiring and monitoring of consultants who have worked in the structuring of the project.

Parks of Paraná

The Project

The State Parks of Vila Velha, Guartelá and Monge are contemplated in the project led by SEMA (State Department of the Environment and Water Resources) and the IAP (Environmental Institute of Paraná - Instituto Ambiental do Paraná). The goal is to encourage sustainable tourism, biodiversity conservation, and regional development.

Our role

We conducted preliminary studies and supported the development of documents for the procedure of expression of interest (PMI), which was published in 2016 and has received requests from six companies interested in participating in the proposal.

Brazilian Parks

November was marked by Brazilian Parks event, held annually by Semeia. In 2016, the meeting has grown and, for the first time, hosted a full day of lectures and panels. Internationally renowned participants discussed the future of park management and partnerships with the private sector, bringing the prospect of various sectors, like the government, the private sector, NGOs, park users, and managers.
The speech of the Minister of the Environment, José Sarney Filho, who announced the national parks concession plan was highlighted. Peter Kronstrøm, Director of the Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies ended the session of lectures presenting the challenges for the future such as strengthening the bond between people and nature.
27% Public sector (including managers)
13% Private sector
19% NGOs
19% Consulting
9% Journalists
7% Academics
6% Other
9 /10


Pedro Passos
Advisory Board
Semeia Institute
Fernando Pieroni
Executive director
Semeia Institute
José Sarney Filho
Minister for the Environment
Ricardo Soavinski
Antônio Velloso Carneiro
Assistant Secretary
Secretary of the Environment of the State of São Paulo
Bruno Marques
Cataratas do Iguaçu S.A.
Marcos Siqueira
Radar PPP
Diego Scofano
Technical Director
Cia. Caminho Aéreo Pão de Açúcar
Guilherme Passos
Advisory Board
Semeia Institute
Pedro de Castro da Cunha e Menezes
General Coordinator of Public and Business Use
Douglas Simões
Director of Articulations
Marcus Aurelius Barcelos
Director of Legal and Regulatory Affairs
Partnerships and investments program from the Federal Government
Fábio André Faraco
Pau-Brasil National Park
Luiz Paulo Pinto
Fundação SOS Mata Atlântica
Lucilene Prado
Advisory Board
Semeia Institute
Peter Kronstom
Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies, Latin America

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Viva a Mata
SOS Mata Atlântica

Rio de Janeiro / RJ
Workshop on partnerships for training the ICMBio servers

Brasília / DF
PPP Summit 2016
Hiria, PPP Brasil e Radar PPP

São Paulo / SP
Abeta Summit 2016

Três Coroas / RS


In 2016, we strengthened our work together with the press, placing proposals for better park management in the featured media. We seek to lead the cause beyond the environmental world, establishing a dialogue with policy makers from social and economic public policies, as well as with the private sector.




We have built new and stronger ties with the university that has been a partner of Semeia since of the institution's first year. Our executive board participated in the Planning and Managing Tourism in Protected Areas course, and paths have been opened so that new scholarship holders can be supported by Semeia in 2017.


In November, Semeia debuted a blog on the Huffington Post Brazil platform, the Brazilian edition of the world's largest digital newspaper, where we opened a dialogue about the visitation of parks in Brazil with an essential public: the population.


We believe the seeds we plant together bloom stronger. Therefore, we work alongside other institutions in the Coalition Pro-UC aiming at the expansion and consolidation of a system of representative, effective and sustainable protected areas, with its values ​​recognized by society and inserted in the country's development plans.


Use of Funds

We seek a management that maximizes the results generated by the resources invested in benefit of Semeia’s mission. In this sense, 64% of our budget is devoted to applied projects, focused on fostering partnerships for park management. This amount corresponds to expenses directly related to the projects: consulting, communication, engagement, and studies, as well as the allocation of team hours *.
Personnel costs, corresponding to the staff hours dedicated to the administration of the institution, total 17% of the executed budget. Finally, "Administrative Expenses", which include maintenance of property and real estate, financial expenses, taxes, and fees, represent 19% of our budget. "

* The hours of the Executive Director are allocated as follows among expenditure categories: 60% projects and 40% administrative management.

Added Value Demonstration

Advisory Board

Pedro Luiz Barreiros Passos

Lucilene Silva Prado

Guilherme Ruggiero Passos

Fabio Tran


Fernando Pieroni
Executive Board

Fernanda Aidar
Projects Development

João Henrique Bueno
Knowledge Production

Joice Tolentino
Public Relations

Laura Mestres
Institutional Communications

Lorena Assis
Finance and Administration


Carol Da Riva